A Proposal for connecting 100 border villages to the National Emergency Communication Network for Security Managers 

Executive Summary - October 2023

The Present Situation: As of 2023, there are over 2000 Security Division Managers in municipalities, regional councils and ELTs (Emergency Local Teams) in addition to over 6,000 Facility Security Officers. These position holders are currently being connected to the new communication network – Metzuda-Net which will enable them to connect to the State Emergency bodies, and amongst themselves. Connecting to this network requires a low monthly payment of about $25 per month

The Technology: The network is based on a technology called Voice-Over-Cellular (which replaced the MEARS network). This technology enables the establishment of hundreds of sub-networks (clusters) based on territorial or sectoral distribution. It also facilitates communication by speech, texts and video streaming in real-time. The platform for this network was selected by the State of Israel (the Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance) and approved as a First Responders’ Network by the NEA (National Emergency Authority)

The Administrative Infrastructure: The Civil Network is managed by a Registered, Non-profit Public Association. The network’s headquarters and control room are located at the SeeU hotline control room in Modi’in, which was approved as Tactical dispatch center by the State of Israel

Accreditation and Collaboration with State Agencies: Metzuda-Net was presented to State bodies headed by the Home Front Command, The National Emergency Authority and the Security Division of the Israeli Police, that have acknowledged the initiative and ensured that an interface will be established between those parties and the network dispatch center. At the end of this month, the system will be presented to the National Security Authority’s representative

Appeal to donors:

Given the murderous terrorist attack that occurred last Saturday, and the lack of communication that contributed greatly to the failure to provide a quick response we are seeking donations to allow us to immediately deploy the above-mentioned communication network in all threatened border villages. We are talking about 100 localities for which we seek to provide two communication devices – one that will be posted in the entity control room and the other for the security manager/ team leader of the Emergency Local Team- for a period of six-monthly payments. After this period each entity will decide whether to continue this subscription

Required funding – USD 60,000.00

With many thanks for your consideration

Irad Gale


The Civil Network is managed by a Registered, Non-profit Public Association 

Members of the Association's Board of Directors are listed below

Col. (Res.) Irad Gale - Chairman of the Association and network initiator

Brigadier General, Attorney Sasi Katzir - previously served as Head of Population and Emergency Commissioner at the Ministry of Interior

(Res.) Talya Lankry – In her last position, she was Head of the Home Front Division, followed by Head of the Anti-Terrorism and currently serves as Head of the National Guard Establishment Board.

(Res.) Oded Halevy - former Commander of the IDF Combat intelligence collections school, a specialist in control rooms communications (responsible for operating the network's operational headquarters)

Col. (Res.) Yarden Vatikay – until recently, Director of the National information Directorate at the Prime Minister's Office

Hagai Baram – Former Head of the 760 –secret service unit – equal to the rank of Col

Attorney Roy Ben Yehud – The Association's Attorney

Col. (Res.) CPA Ram Barel – The Association's Accountant


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